Bus Rental NJ Destinations: Things to Do in Warren County - Part 2

Warren County, New Jersey, is a welcome respite if you have been to Atlantic City. A day in Warren will take you far away from the hustle and bustle of the stresses and noises of the city. Bus Rental NJ recommends these things to do while in Warren.

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1. Agritourism in Warren County

You have heard of ecotourism, but what is agritourism? Simply put, agritourism involves visiting a ranch or a farm and may be as simple as buying fruits, vegetables and other produce from the farm stand to picking produce for a day. Or even staying at the farm overnight or longer.

For a more or less agritourism vacation, check out Donaldson Farm where you could pick your own vegetables, fruits and flowers and then learn how to cook them. You might also be interested in learning how to forage for food in the wilds, a survival skill that everyone should have. Group tours are available.

There are other farms in Warren County, check out our lists:

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Bus Rental NJ Destinations: Visit a Farm Market in Warren County - Part 2

2. Eat to your heart's content!

There are several restaurants in the area that offers more than just great food. Check out Alfie's Ristorante Italiano at 101 Town Center Drive, (908-412-1555, alfiesristorante.com) where you can have your fill of neck clams, calamari, lobsters, and pasta. This place is not visible from the main road, so you might want to locate it on the map first before your visit.

Then there is Bruno's Bistro, which serves some of the best food in Warren. The bistro exudes a small town charm and a romantic ambience. Staff is friendly and well trained. Try out their grilled Atlantic salmon that has a side of crabmeat and their couscous with shitake mushrooms.

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