Bus Rental NJ Destinations: Things to Do in Toms River New Jersey (Part 3)

Bus Rental NJ introduces Toms River.

Bus Rental NJ

Here are the places that you could visit while in town. While you are at it, why not hire a charter bus, mini bus, Sprinter van or any kind of vehicle to make it easier for you and your group to go around Toms River.

4. Laugh your heart out at Knuckleheads Comedy Club

If you love the comedy shows of New York City, you will love Knuckleheads Comedy Club.

Knuckleheads feature nationally known comedians who have already appeared on Conan, Letterman and Comedy Central. Laugh your troubles away while enjoying great food at very low prices.

Knuckleheads Comedy Club
955 Hooper Avenue
(732) 244-1000

5. Have fun with the whole family at Funtown Pier Amusements

Funtown Pier Amusements have something for everyone. Adult rides are thrilling and heart-stopping, family rides are fun and tame. There are rides even for the younger tykes. And for those who would rather pass on the rides, they have an amazing ocean view to look at.

For those who are looking for some thrills, how about getting on the 225 ft. Tower of Fear or perhaps the roller coaster that loops and loops so that you can watch the ocean waves below!

Funtown Pier Amusements
1210 Hooper Ave.

6. Explore the world of insects at Insectropolis.

Enter a one of a kind museum, one that your kids would surely love. They call it the Bugseum, or formally, the Insectropolis.

They have thousands of different insects that are both beautiful and exotic. You can get up close to bees or spy an ant nest. You can even touch a live tarantula, millipede or scorpion. The displays at Insectropolis are educational for kids and fascinating for adults!

1761 Route 9

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