Bus Rental NJ Destinations: Salem County (Parks and Recreational Sites)

Salem County in New Jersey is a big family playground. It has parks, wildlife management areas, and recreational sites that offer a fun adventure and lots of activities for the kids and the grown-ups. With a bus rental in NJ, you can have an exciting and enjoyable day at these venues with your whole family or with a bunch of friends.

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Just choose from any of these beautiful parks or recreational sites in Salem County. In fact, you can get a bus rental in NJ and visit two or more in our list.

Camp Crockett County Park
Avis Mill Rd.
Pilesgrove, NJ
(856) 935-7510

Camp Crockett's lake, forest, and trails offer you easy access to wildlife and natural scenic views in a family-friendly environment. You can explore, paddle a canoe, or go kayaking, while younger kids can play at the playground. You can also enjoy a snack in the park's sheltered picnic area.

Parvin State Park
701 Almond Rd.
Pittsgrove, NJ
(856) 358-8616

Parvin State Park is hidden in the state's southwestern part and can be found on the edge of the Pine Barrens. It has a rich history, being home to the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1930s, then a summer camp for the kids of displaced Japanese Americans, then a POW camp for German prisoners in 1944, and a temporary housing for the Kalmycks who fled Eastern Europe in the early 1950s. I also has a very varied wildlife, with pine forests that's typical to the area, as well as a swamp hardwood forest. The park bursts out in rich fragrances and bright colors in the spring, with its many different species of flowering plants. Visitors can go swimming in Parvin Lake and go fishing and boating in Thundergust Lake and Muddy Run.

Supawna Meadows National Park
197 Lighthouse Rd.
Pennsville, NJ
(856) 935-1487

Supawna Meadows is a beautiful 2,800-acre site located north of the Salem River. It is also part of the internationally recognized Delaware River estuary and is a critical resting and feeding stop for migratory birds. It is also an important foraging territory for nesting birds, its grassland habitats attract populations of American Woodcock and American Kestrel, and its marshes offer a feeding area for sandpipers and other shorebirds during the summer and the migration seasons. You can visit and explore the park's Grassland Trail or the Forest Habitat Trail.

Other parks in the other that you may want to check out include:

Green Branch Park
Upper Neck Rd.
near Porchtown Rd.
Pittsgrove, NJ

Unity Park
15 Isaacs Ave.
Pittsgrove, NJ

Deer Pen Park
819 Buck Rd.
Pittsgrove, NJ

Dunn's Park
Shell Rd.
Carney's Point, NJ

Riverview Beach Park
90 N. Broadway
Pennsville, NJ

Fort Mott State Park
454 Fort Mott Rd.
Pennsville, NJ
(859) 935-3218

Visit these awe-inspiring parks where you can play, do outdoor activities, exercise, relax, and marvel at the beauty of nature. And don't forget to hire a bus rental in NJ to make it convenient and comfortable for your group.