Bus Rental NJ Destinations: Salem County (More Historical Sites)

Salem County in New Jersey boasts of a really rich history and culture. Thus, a visit to the area won't be complete without checking its various historical sites. Travel through Salem's past via a bus rental in NJ.

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In the previous article, we have already given you a list of museums you can visit. Here's more historical sites you may want to check out. With a bus rental in NJ, you can go to as many historical spots as you can.

Fort Mott State Park
454 Fort Mott Rd.
Pennsville, NJ
(856) 935-3218

This Fort was part of a coastal defense system that was designed and built in the 1880s for the Delaware River. Just beyond the fortifications are beautiful views of the Delaware River. You can stroll along the shoreline and go fishing. You can also have a picnic and enjoy one of the educational and enjoyable family-focused programs that the park sets up.

Finns Point National Cemetery
Ft. Mott Rd
Pennsville, NJ
(609) 877-5460 or 880-0827

This is a lovely cemetery surrounded by Kilcohook National Wildlife Refuge. This is the burial site of Confederate prisoners of war and Union soldiers that were once stationed at Fort Delaware and who died there during the Civil War.

Finns Point Rear Range Lighthouse
Fort Mott Rd. and Lighthouse Rd.
Pennsville, NJ
(609) 463-0994

Finns Point Lighthouse was transported to Pennsville by mule wagons and trains and was erected in 1875 as a navigational aid on the Delaware River and Bay.

Hancock House State Historic Site
3 Front Street
Hancock's Bridge, NJ
(856) 935-4373

This is the region's only 18th century patterned brick end manor house that's open to the public. This house was where a brutal massacre during the American Revolution took place. The site has a Swedish Cedar Plank Cabin where you can see hearth cooking demonstrations.

Other historical sites you would not want to miss:

1722 Abel & Mary Nicholson House
127 Ft. Elfsborg Road
Elsinboro, Twp., NJ

Alloways Creek Friends Meetinghouse
Buttonwood St.
Hancock's Bridge, NJ
(856) 935-4373

Johan Printz Park Log Cabin
Market St.
Salem, NJ
(856) 678-5511

New Sweden Heritage Monument
Riverview Beach Park
90 N. Broadway
Pennsville, NJ

Salem Oak
Friends Burial Ground
West Broadway opposite Oak St.
Salem, NJ
(856) 935-3381

Smith Burial Ground
Jericho Rd.
Quinton, NJ
(856) 935-7510 x 8532

Get a bus rental in NJ so you can go historical site hopping in comfort and convenience!