Bus Rental NJ Destinations: Pick Your Own Apple Farms (Part 1)

Fall is a great time to go vacationing with the kids, so why not call Bus Rental NJ and get the mini bus, van, charter bus or even school bus that you need to transport your kids and their friends to some great destinations in New Jersey this fall.

One of the things that we could recommend is to go to pick your own farms and let the kids experience how life in the farm goes. Bus Rental NJ will be there to help you with driving and transportation. You just have to take care of the fun!

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Apple picking is the best for kids!

Apple picking is one of the best activities that you could do with even younger children. Apples are not easily bruised and they are big enough for them to hold.

The good news is that a lot of farms have dwarf apple trees that has fruits that are very easy to pick even three year olds can join in.

Ask the farmer or the keeper which trees have ripe fruits. Select only those that do not have bruises and are firm to the touch. The perfect apple is also crisp when you bite into it.

Do not shake the branches or the tree, this will cause apples that have not ripened to fall off. These apples will only go to waste because once they fall or are picked, apples stop ripening.

Do not throw apples into your basket. It pays to be gentle with apples so that they do not go bad or bruise quickly.

Also, do wash all the apples you pick before eating. But do not wash them if you are not going to eat them or cook them yet. This will spoil the apple.

If you take home a lot of apples, be sure to store them in a cold basement or the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. This will help them last longer.

Next up, we are going to suggest some farms where you could go. Be sure to call Bus Rental NJ for your transportation needs today!