Bus Rental NJ Destinations: Hiking in Warren County

Bus Rental NJ would like to encourage our readers to be healthier yet still see as much of New Jersey as they can. Why not go hiking in Warren County, New Jersey?

First, you might ask why should we go hiking? Hiking regularly can help you have healthier heart, blood vessels and lungs, lowering the chances of getting a stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. It can also tone muscles and improve your bone density, while also giving you great sleep at night and burns up to 370 calories per hour.

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If you are going hiking, then consider the following trails in Warren County:

Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap runs along the Delaware River spanning both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You can start hiking from the Kittatinny Visitors Center and walk along the riverside. There are also facilities for swimming, boating, camping and other family friendly activities!

Jenny Jump State Forest

With an area of 4,239 acres, this state park has a variety of hiking trails where you could admire the glacial boulders and outcroppings, along with the majestic views.

You could also find the Greenwood Observatory here, where you could go stargazing after a day's worth of hiking! Camping is open from April to October.

Sunfish Pond

The Sunfish Pond is actually a glacial lake that spans more than 44 acres. It has some 250 acres of hardwood forest all around it. Hiking the trails gives you the chance to see different kinds of flora and fauna.

This is a National Natural Landmark where you could trace the steps of the native Leni Lenape Indians. While there is no swimming in the pond, you can still appreciate its crystal clear water.

Be sure to invite all of your friends and family for a hiking trip in Warren County, New Jersey. When you have everything ironed out, call Bus Rental NJ to arrange for your transportation, we can provide you with any bus, mini bus, car, or van that would accommodate groups of any size!