Bus Rental NJ: A Closer Look at the Numbers

Bus Rental NJBus Rental NJ knows that one of the most prevalent misconception about bus tours is that they are for old people who are on their way to a bingo social or are on a retirement home outing.

But believe us when we tell you that a majority of our customers belong to a different demographic. Almost half of our customers book a charter bus in behalf of their group, composed of twenty- or thirty-somethings. A sizable portion are tourists who want to see New Jersey and New York comfortably. Another major customer group that we have are families who rent out a minibus or a van for their vacations.

Aside from vacations, parties are also the number one reason why customers call Bus Rental NJ . It seems that people in New Jersey and New York are true party animals, but they also have safety in mind. Our party buses are known for the exceptionally fun time you can have onboard, because you do not have to worry about getting home whether you drink or not!

Bus Rental NJ also has a wide array of corporate clients who rent out our luxurious corporate cars for their executives and charter buses for employees.

Lastly, we also provide safe fun for school kids who go to museums, excursions and field trips on our buses.

Among our charter buses, group size also varies. Medium sized groups make up most of our customers, while we were able to accommodate bigger groups as well.

Customer Satisfaction

Bus Rental NJ always strives to give the best customer service possible, whether it is providing clean, well-maintained buses or answering customers' queries through our friendly and courteous staff. And it feels really good to know that this certainly paid off. Bus Rental NJ enjoys a very high satisfaction rating, with 98% of our customers saying that they were very satisfied with us. Three out of four said that they would recommend us to friends and family, while close to 9 out of 10 would use our services again.

Bus Rental NJ

*Data from 2011 Customer Satisfaction Rating Surveys.