Bus Rental New Jersey Teaches You How to Read a Local Use Quote

Bus company NJWhen we are asked how to get the best deal when chartering a bus for their needs, Bus Rental New Jersey recommends that they should go through several bus companies, tell them their needs, and ask for a quote.

Bus Rental NJ, however, realizes that not everyone knows how to "read" a quote that they get and because of this, some people end up paying more for a service that does not fit them.

Therefore, for today, Bus Rental NJ would try to explain the various terms you need to know in order to understand local use quotes.

Sales tax. Although most states do not levy a sales tax on charter bus rentals, you might need to pay a 1% sales tax in New York and 7.75% in Ohio. Therefore, if you are just going to stay within New Jersey and is using a New Jersey bus company, you should have no sales tax.

Hours of use. If you are traveling within the state, your fees will be based on the hours of use. The current rates per hour changes after some time, so it is very important for you to know the current rate per hour so that you would know if you are getting overcharged or not. This is also why it is important to get quotes for different bus companies so that you could see which one charges the lowest per hour rates.

You should also note that there are some companies that require a minimum charge, ranging from 3 hours to 6 hours. This is very important because if the company has a 6-hour minimum, and you only use the bus for 4 hours, you will still pay for 6 hours even if you did not use it.

Gratuity. Tips are definitely welcome to help ensure good service on the bus. Ten percent is a standard tip for the average driver.

If you are going outside of New Jersey, you will also need to understand the terms that are used in a long-distance quote.